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Ironman Concrete Cutting Ltd are pro-active in relation to protecting our environment.  Concrete cutting and drilling work generally produces concrete slurry due to some machines being water driven. Concrete slurry is very harmful to water environments and therefore cannot be allowed to enter natural waterways, sewer or stormwater. 

We approach all our jobs with an awareness for the environment and we will provide slurry removal should it be required. We are equipped with a full trailer slurry unit.  This comprises of a wet vacuum, generator, and slurry bin.  Water ways are protected and the slurry is collected via wet vacuum.  Once the slurry is collected by us and placed in a holding bin a waste management company then collects and disposes of the slurry appropriately.    


At Ironman we're environmentally conscientious, call 07 847 0290 now about your upcoming project.